Trial exhibit stickering by SwayLaw
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Core Services

electronic exhibit stickering 95 cents per exhibit
placing trial exhibit sticker to ensure that sticker do not cover up information on exhibit page $95 per hour
correcting page orientation (landscape v. portrait) of select trial exhibit pages $95 per hour
all additional labor (repairing damaged exhibits, unlocking encrypted exhibits, etc.) $95 per hour

Related Services

trexdb online trial exhibit database service (includes: unlimited number of users, unlimited use, unlimited bandwidth and data transfers, 24-hour customer support, online hosting of database, all labor costs associated with administering the database and adding exhibits during trial) $2.75 per exhibit ($2.00 per exhibit if prepaid)
hyperlinking trial exhibit list $350 per list and 45 cents per trial exhibit
per-page bates-style numbering 2 cents per page
converting PDF to TIFF, JPEG, or PNG 3 cents per page
converting TIFF to PDF 2 cents per page
Optimizing (cleaning and reducing file sizes) and OCRing PDF files to create text-searchable PDF files 3 cents per page
custom designing and typesetting of non-standard electronic exhibit sticker $300 flat fee
typesetting physical sheet of blank or numbered exhibit stickers $150 flat fee