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The art of trial exhibit stickers

From coast to coast—from the United States District Court in San Diego to the International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.—our trial exhibit stickering service has been used by litigants in several high-profile litigations.

Trials are the result of years of preparation. The trial exhibits often win or lose the case. When you are before a judge or a jury, the details of how your trial exhibits are presented matters. Why settle for anything less than the most professional-looking, aesthetically-pleasing trial exhibit stickers?

Our proprietary technologies enable us to electronically sticker your trial exhibits with crisp, visually brilliant stickers.

The evolution of trial exhibit stickers

In the beginning, there were physical stickers that were peeled off of their backing and placed on a paper copy of the exhibit. (In fact, such physical stickers are still prevalent today.) There were several problems with using physical stickers. The process of stickering the exhibits was time consuming, and if you wanted an electronic copy of the stickered exhibit, you would have to re-scan the exhibit.

Then came various attempts at digital, electronic exhibit stickers. The main advantage of these electronic exhibit stickers was that you could sticker the electronic file itself without having to do any re-scanning. However, these electronic stickers had their own serious problems. Many of them looked terrible, and often the process of applying the stickers would result in information on the underlying exhibit being obscured by the sticker. Also, many of the electronic stickers could not be modified to conform to various court rules regarding sticker format (size, color, etc.).

In January 2007, we debuted our trial exhibit stickering service. From the start, we received critical acclaim for both the aesthetics of our stickers and our customer service.

What makes our stickering service different

Our stickering is performed using software that we developed internally. Here are some unique features of our stickering service:

Our process

Here is a diagram of our process:

Here is a description of each step: Our database

Several of our clients choose to use our critically-acclaimed trial exhibit database trexdb to maintain their exhibit set during trial. For a demonstration please contact us.